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Μπουκάλια Unicorn Γκόρκιλ

Φιάλες PET και LDPE σχεδιασμένες ειδικά για τα υγρά

No Breaking, No Leaks, An Awesom Service, The Best Unicorn Bottle Just for You,

Delivery same day, all sizes in stock all the time

Buy 20 Bottles
& Get 10 for FREE

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Γιατί να χρησιμοποιήσετε ένα μονόκερο γκόρλινγκ;

You want to keep your liquids safe, keep them from leaking, and make sure that when you unscrew the easy-open lid that the contents come out exactly as you expect. No matter what you plan on using our products for, whether it's E-Juice, E-Liquids, Flavoured Sauce, Oils, Essential Oils, Paint, Soap, Cleaners or other liquids, we know that you're putting your trust in us.

Whenever using our bottles never worry about:

Leaks   Damaging Your other stuff   Easy-Squeeze, So no spilling

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